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Leveraging the combined experience of MK Concrete Construction, DVA Architects, LJB Inc., and Hinman Consulting Engineers, the Morgan-Keller Design/Build team has developed a standard for up to five-story tilt wall construction that meets the Department of Defense standards for progressive collapse avoidance and medium level blast protection.  It is also more cost-effective than a structural steel and precast building of similar size and protection. 

The SecureTILT® building system can help provide up to a 20 percent cost savings over a similar structural steel and precast building.  Greater efficiency in construction schedules can also be achieved with buildings being delivered six to eight weeks earlier than a structural steel building.  With the versatility to create up to five-story office buildings, the SecureTILT® Design/Build solution will save money, increase value, and provide a level of protection that has previously been unavailable.