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Morgan-Keller Concrete self-performs all placing and finishing of slabs on our projects. Buildings with 500,000 square feet of slab on grade with F-min 60 requirements and site paving for distribution centers over a half million square feet get the same attention to detail as a 1,000 square foot pour for a small office or retail area. Morgan-Keller Concrete has American Concrete Institute (ACI) certified concrete finishers, as well as ACI certified superintendents who take great pride in performing outstanding concrete work.

Morgan-Keller Concrete has been a proponent of concrete paving for years, with over three million square feet of concrete paving installed to date. Morgan-Keller Concrete can offer a design change to any parking area with any building to install longer lasting concrete paving as an alternative to asphalt. This helps to eliminate the heat island effect of asphalt, as well as eliminating petroleum run-off from the breaking down of asphalt as it ages. Concrete paving is a better green alternative.